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About Us


Teaching schools are strong schools led by strong leaders that work with others to provide high-quality training, development and support to new and experienced school staff. They were introduced by the government in 2010 and the initiative has been evolving since, leading to over 700 teaching schools across the country.  This unique school-led system expects groups of schools to work collaboratively with the belief that every child should be able to fulfill their potential.


Our Structure:

Encompass incorporates primary, secondary and special schools across parts of North and Mid Suffolk and South and South West Norfolk. It is led by two ‘outstanding’ lead schools: Hartismere School and Banham Primary School. Encompass employs both a director and an administrative assistant for 2 days per week.


Our Vision and Aims:

Our vision is to develop the sharpest minds and the biggest hearts within all of our students. We recognise that through collaboration, we can achieve continuous improvement of our schools. As a result, we can enhance the performance of our pupils far more than if working on our own.


The prime aim of Encompass is to improve learning:

  • for all children and young people in our area through best quality of teaching in the classroom
  • to raise levels of attainment and progress through all key stages and phases
  • to enable our young people to participate in education and society, make choices and achieve successful transitions at key stages in their education and life.


Our shared Values:

  • The alliance belongs to all members.
  • We are a collective in terms of shaping and developing the alliance.
  • Members should contribute in line with their capacity and collective responsibility.


Our Role:

Encompass has an important role to play in a school-led system and in school improvement going forward. Encompass is in effect a centre of excellence, taking on a more focused role that prioritises:

  • Co-ordinating and delivering high quality school-based initial teacher training
  • Providing high quality school to school support to spread excellent practice
  • Providing evidence based professional and leadership development


Senior Members:

The senior members are responsible for the direction of Encompass.

All senior member schools agree to:

  • Actively support the aims and values of Encompass
  • Actively commit to school improvement in their own school and across the alliance
  • Engage in the development of aspects of the ‘Big 3’ where appropriate
  • Share relevant data as part of an annual audit
  • Actively support the work of Encompass through attendance or delivery of CPD
  • Report formally to their own governing bodies about the school’s engagement with Encompass
  • Share Encompass aims, values, objectives and opportunities with their staff.


Member Schools:

Member schools will be identified schools that will engage in specific areas of the teaching school agenda and contribute to the improvement of outcomes for pupils within all schools across the alliance. In a self-improving school-led system, members will be expected to be prepared to support each other in-line with the aims and values of Encompass. Within this community sense of responsibility, member schools will also be supported, gain from working with a group of innovative and effective schools and headteachers, and be part of a highly successful professional network that will bring joint benefits to the member school as well as the Alliance as a whole. This will be a flexible working arrangement given the geographical spread of schools within the area.


Membership Fees:

Encompass is a not-for-profit organisation. There are no fees associated with being a senior member or member school. Fees are required for CPLD and StSS, but these are outlined separately.



Encompass receives core grant funding (from the DfE) of £40,000 annually. This funding is to build leadership and administrative capacity. Core funding has been confirmed for the remainder of this parliament. Funding beyond 2019-20 is subject to future spending reviews. In addition, teaching schools can apply for grant funding to deliver specific projects funded by the DfE.


Wider Network:

Encompass is supported by other partners; Norfolk and Suffolk Teaching Schools, Norfolk County Council, Suffolk School to School Support Partnership, Suffolk and Norfolk Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), University of East Anglia (UEA), the Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC) and the two MAT’s; Hartismere Family of Schools and the Co-operative Education East network.


If you would like to find out more about the Encompass Teaching School, contact Steve Parry, Director of the Encompass Teaching School at sparry@encompass-tsa.com or call 01379 872723.